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February Garden tips and chores

February Garden tips and chores:
For those of you who want to do it yourself here are some excellent tips for February. For those of you who need help, Gardens By Design is only a phone call away!
It's time to Prune your Crape Myrtles!
February garden tips from Clemson University!!!

Chris's Corner!

Pansies and Snapdragons;
Deadhead blooms that have lost their luster. This will promote the plant to produce more blooms.
Create full, bushy pansy plants by pinching off spindly plant legs.
Remove any foliage that is damaged or starts to curve.
Feed every two weeks with a liquid 15-30-15 plant food. Wet the soil with plain water prior to applying the fertilizer.
Cover pansies that are in the ground with pine straw prior to a hard freeze.
Cut Flowers for your home! Bring in forsythia and winter honeysuckle before they bloom and they will open with the warmth of your home. Change their water regularly and enjoy their beauty!
Fertilize most trees and shrubs by month’s end, except spring flowering shrubs, those you fertilize right after blooming so you don't force them open. Blooms do not like frost!
Most ornamental trees, shrubs and grasses can be pruned this month except fruit trees, Junipers and conifers. Remember, don’t prune spring blooming shrubs (like Azaleas) until
right after they bloom, otherwise you’ll be cutting off buds that start growing soon after the previous bloom. 
At the end of the month, you can cut some unruly groundcovers back like liriope and mondo grass (not dwarf). A lawn mower can be used at the highest setting.

Don’t cut flowering leafless shrubs until after blooming or else you’ll be cutting off flower buds about to open.
Now is the time to prune existing roses back to within 12-18” height. For the more cold hardy roses like ‘Knockout’ you can leave more of the rose bush intact and just prune off the cold-damage and smaller braches to keep the shape and in control.
If it’s a climber, you can leave main the body of rose on the trellis and just cut the smaller runners and limbs back to main trunk if you like. 
A general rule of thumb, you prune species that bloom after May by end of February and those that bloom before or during May soon after they bloom. 
Good Luck! Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


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